Not all Twines are Created Equal. Selecting the Right Twin will help you bale
more in less time. AGCO Professional Grade Twines are created from 100%
Virgin Resins to assure you the best twine, all the time is holding your valuable
commodity. AGCO Professional Grade Twines are a Fibulated Twine that helps
retain and increase the know holding strength. Watch the above video to learn
about Fibulated Twine the recommended Twine of AGCO Service.

It sounds crazy but from our customers experiences they have seen increase
reliability of better tying performance from AGCO Professional Grade Twines.
Many have switched to AGCO Twine and resolved their knot tying concerns. If
your not using AGCO Professional Grade Twine give it a try. We believe in it so
much that every NEW Massey Ferguson
HESSTON Series Baler is loaded with
AGCO Professional Grade
get you off on the the right start.

Can you afford the Cost & Time of
miss Ties???
Get The "BEST" Choice...AGCO Twine!
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Not all Oils are Created Equal and there are reasons why some
oils are cheap and some cost more. It all starts with Crude Oil.  
There are several types of Crude Oil. AGCO uses the highest
grade crudes to begin creating their Oils. Next is the  
refinement method. Some chose the less expensive solvent
method to refine the crude and some use the more expensive
Hydro-Cracking method to separate the Crudes. AGCO uses Hydro- Cracking
to create their Base Oil, which are more Thermally Stable, Higher Viscosity,
Lower Toxicity, Longer Life and cleaner. If you look closely at the picture
above and you will see a bottle of AGCO, water clear base oil in front of the
jugs. Next the correct additive package is selected to be blended with the
Base Stock. There are several suppliers some major that sell on price and
others that sell on proven performance and extensive testing. AGCO has
chosen the supplier with over a Trillion Hours of Testing of their additive
package. Next step is to blend the oil and there are two methods of
blending...Batch blending which is similar to baking at home, pour it all in a
vat and swirl it around just like a blender and mixing bowl and hope it gets
the additives suspended in all the oil. The other method is computerize
injection blending where the additives are injected into a warmed base oil as
it travels thru a network of piping and pressure and heat insures that all base
stock receives the same amount of additives. This method has better
retention or suspension of the additives in the lubricant. As you can See
AGCO does not cut any corners to create the best oil money can buy to
insure you protection of your equipment.
Don't cut your equipment short and settle for something less...
Get the "Clear" Choice in Lubricants...AGCO Lubricants!
It takes 20,000 Gallons of Air to Burn a Gallon of Diesel. Your Air Filters are 20,000
Times more important than your fuel filters. Make sure you check your Air Filters
often and if they need cleansing utilizing the Air Comb from AGCO Parts will help
keep your engine running at peak efficiency.
Don't starve your engine of air...
it would be like you running a
marathon with a cloth across your
mouth.... makes it hard to breathe.
Insist on AGCO Parts...the Genuine
Take this Short Quiz to see just how much you really do know.
(The Facts About Baler Belt Maintenance Below)

True or False 1) Baler belts should be resized every 4,000 Bales?
True or False 2) Connect Cables or Pins should be repalced every 1,500 Bales?
True or False 3) Baler Belts perform and track better at lower tension?
True or False 4) It is recommended that all 4 corners be notched when replacing
baler belt lacing?
True or False 5) Minimum length for a Repair Piece assed to a Belt is One Foot?
True or False 6) You should not mix Clipper Laced Belts with Titan or Alligator Rivet
laced belts on the same baler?
True or False 7) AGCO baler belts are manufactured with a direction of travel?

1) False, Baler Belts should be resized every 2,000 Bales or 2 Years. This helps in
bale shape and prevents belts from twisting.
2) False, Connector Cables or Pins should be replaced every 750 Bales or Annually
3) False, The higher the belt tension the better the belt performs and tracks.
4) False, Only the trailing edge of the splice should be notched, this allows for the
belt to slide through belt guides easily, without getting hung up.
5) False, The minimum length is 3 foot when splicing a belt, to allow for the belt to
bend around the rollers.
6) True, Clipper, Titan and Alligator Rivet Lacings are totally different and will nto
work on the same machine together.
7) False, When you lace the belt you establish the direction of travel at that time.
Featured Part - Twine
Featured Part - Baler Belts
Featured Part - Oil
Normally it takes around 20,000 Gallons of Air to every Gallon of Fuel.

That's a tremendous amount of Air continually flowing into your Engine. If you Burn a 100 Gallons of
Fuel in a Day you have run over 1.2 Million Gallons of Air through your Air Filters, in Just one day. How
much dirt can that much air carry? It depends on the conditions; on dry windy days more contaminates
are in the air compared to those days after a rain. Engineers have designed the air intake system to
minimize air restrictions and increase fuel efficiency. As your systems become restricted an improper
air/fuel ratio results causing excessive fuel consumption. This is why the air your engine requires is
so important.

Take for instance, by placing a light cloth over your mouth it is harder for you to get a big breath of air
than without a cloth, if you keep reducing the pore size of the material or increasing the thickness of
the cloth it becomes harder and harder for you to breathe. Try breathing through a piece of plastic it's
impossible, you would suffocate and die, the same can happen with an engine. As the Air Cleaner and
eventually loses powers and finally will die. That is why it is important to pay a little extra money and
keep your Engine's Air Filters replaced or cleaned.

Did you know that once the pores of an Air Cleaning Element are dilled with a particle of a contaminate
it is virtually impossible to remove the contaminate? If you try to clean the element you are only
cleaning the external contaminates and you do not remove the particles trapped in the papers' pores.
Once a pore is filled with a contaminate air restriction begins. Yes, your Air Filter is an important part
of the Engine and Maximizing it's performance. Start off the season with a Fresh Filter and let your
Engine Breathe Right. It only makes Dollars and Cents to keep your Engine Breathing Clean, Fresh Air!
Featured Part - Air Filters

Air Conditioning Systems DO NOT cool...they remove heat. Just like a Boiling Pan of water when
you insert a metal spoon the heat travels to the spoon because it is cooler. When you grab the
spoon your hand is cooler so the heat travels from the spoon to your hand...and burns it. Air the
cab removes heat and travels to the condenser. The condenser is cooler than the freon
returning from the cab and the heat is transferred to the condenser. The Engine Fan blows air
through the condenser and the removes the heat. Freon completes the circle and returns to
the cab to remove more heat and continues to cycle. The problem becomes when the engine
fan cannot remove heat from the condenser because it becomes plugged and the the
condenser is same temperature or warmed than the heat can be transferred so the
air conditioner does not remove heat from the cab. A plugged Condenser like pictured will limit
or cease the air cooling of the tractor cab. Same thing happens with your Engine Cooling
System and the Radiator. Keeping your Condensers and Radiator free of debris and unplugged
will increase the performance of your tractor air conditioner and engine.

Wonder why the Air Conditioner wasn't cooling properly??? Hmm looks like the condenser
needs some help from AGCO Parts Air Comb...the perfect tool to clean condensers and

Condenser Screen is Clean            But Condenser is Plugged        Even light won't pentrate

AGCO Parts offers a complete line of Air Combs that force the air out the side of the tube to help
making cleaning Condensers and Radiators easier. We have Air Combs in Stock!
Service Tip: Air Conditioning
Have you experienced supply issues from your current dealer; check with AGCO
Parts as we have many items in-stock and availability to get parts for these
machines. Here is a listing of the Case-IH Models and the like model of HESSTON
or New Idea Model. Click on Cross Reference to Enlarge.  
Welcome Jeremy Sanders as our New Parts Sales.
Jeremy Brings over 17 Years of Experience in Parts &
Service Experience to Vahrenberg Implement. Many
may recognize his familiar face from another local
Stop In and Welcome Jeremy and let his skills take
care your AGCO & RhinoAG Parts needs.